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Rehabilitation and Conditioning Services
Dr. Trish has over 20 years as an equine  veterinary practioner. As the years went by she felt a need to expand her practice to encorporate the 'whole horse".  In 2015 she became one of the few Certified Equine Rehabilitaiton Practioners in the state of Texas from the University of Tennessee. The certification allows educated assessment and implementation of additional therapies available to the performance and rehabilition horse to optimize and accelerate the conditioning and healing process.  

No horse should start a rehabilitation or conditioning program without a professional accurate assessment. Dr. Trish provides a an in depth history/dental/lameness/cervical evaluation/ and neurological profile prior to any aquapacer session free of charge. She welcome referrals of outside vets and implements plans in conjunctions with there recommendations.  Immediate on-site diagnostics are available  if not provided previously. Diagnostics can  include  full examination  by DVM/CERP, nerve blocks,digital xray, cbc/chemistry, and digital ultra-sound.  Treatment plans are implemented by accurate diagnostics and diagnosis. 


The aquapacer is an above ground heated water treadmill. Water fills from the bottom with ability to vary water level depending on the need of the horse. 

The aquapacer provides the following benefits: 

* accelerates conditioning 
*encourages symmetrical muscle development
*increases cardiovascular fitness
*improves flexibility - great for carpal  and hock arthritis
*minimizes performance injuries due to decreased concussive forces
*modulation and reduction of pain
*provides hydrostatic pressure to joints to assist in blood flow and reduce swelling
*promotes proper posture and balance

 Common Aquapacer  uses: 

* Rehabilitation
    *tendonitis - decreases down time and strengthens tendon 
    * post colic surgery - can start aquapacer once staples are taken out ( usually 2 weeks post op) and started on daily exercise 
      program for 45 days. Horses are ready to ride 60 days post op  Note: must be ok'd by surgeon and have no incisional compromise.
      invasive manner compared  to land based training.

  15 minutes in the aquapacer equals 45 to 60 minutes of land based exercise without the concussive forces.
Inside heated Aquapacer
First time aquapacer horses must stay for a minimum of two weeks.  After initial week introduction hauls ins are welcome by appointment only. 
$25 a day for board, grooming, and exercise
$30 haul in aquapacer

Call for special pricing on monthly board/exercise packages.​