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Exclusively Equine Services
An Equine Veterinary and Rehabilitation Facility
Wellness and Preventative Care:

   Deworming/fecal egg count
   Electronic coggins and health certificates
   Herd health management
   Nutritional Consultation

 Annual dental examinations are recommended to ensure good dental and overall health.  Dr. Trish enjoys performing dentals and has undergone extensive dental training. She believes it should not be traumatic for your horse.  Most dentals are done outside the stocks and without the head being tied up. 
Sports Medicine and Lameness

History and evaluation
Diagnostic nerve blocks
Diagnostic Imaging: Digital xray and Ultrasound
Intra articular injections
Joint supplements
Training and Conditioning evaluation and design

Minor Surgery

Laceration repair
Mass removal
Emergency Care

Provided to active clients ambulatory and in house. 

Examples are, but not limited to: 
Lacerations, colic, choke, respiratory tract infections, acute lameness, and foaling complications.
Pre purchase exams

Complete physical exam
Lameness evaluation with flexions
Neurological exam
Cervical evaluation

Other diagnostics available on request:
Digital radiographs
Digital ultra sound
Drug testing
Blood workup
Rehabilitation and Conditioning

Evaluation and treatment plan performed by Dr.Tersteeg DVM, CERP
Covered arena
Heart Rate Monitor

 Please see separate page for more information
Lay ups and  Boarding

Our facility is located minutes from downtown Grandview and I35, in between Fort Worth and Waco. We have 36 acres that encompass the facility and private residence. Dr. Tersteeg and her family live on site.

Exclusively Equine offers  short and long term layups for conditions such as tendonitis, founder,post surgical care, wound care, and long term conditioning. 

 Regular boarding is now available. Contact us for  availability. 

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Hospitalization for non-surgical conditions: 
*medical colics
*Respiratory tract Infectionss/pneumonia
*laceration care
*24/7 video monitoring
​*Vet lives on site
*Foaling out

                video monitoring
                foal alert system
                large stalls and pens for turnout